WIN or FAIL #31 - 'Don't ignore the sign' '

WIN or FAIL #31 - 'Don't ignore the sign' '
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Songs in order:
0:18 WHAT - Axel Ljung
0:43 Uno Minute (Explicit Version) - Ilajide
1:11 Champagne - Jan Chmelar
1:43 GTA - Aldous Young
2:13 Ndy Ft. Kodie - In Shape
3:02 Get Em Up - Jan Chmelar
3:52 Bronx Back In 95 2 - Jan Chmelar

Outro song:

Video descriptions in order:
0:06 Man saves friend from falling of ladder
0:27 Dad trhows ball at daughters head
0:34 Lion pissing at zoo visitors
0:54 Girl falls trying to hit lightswitch with foot
1:06 Girl does cartwheel while playing football
1:21 Woman breaks toy and hits herself
1:31 Man throws bucket of water over sleeping friend
1:54 Kid tries to kick object, falls over
2:06 Girl pushes dad in the pool
2:23 Rope breaks during rope pulling contest
2:29 Fat girl smashes cake in friends face
2:42 Girl tries to hang something up while standing on medicine ball
2:56 Goat jumping over fench like a boss
3:10 Girl hits other girl in the face with sword
3:20 Dude slams homie in the face
3:31 Man on sled crashes into tree
3:38 The perfect bottleflip
4:13 Girls hair falls off when she bats ball

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