WIN or FAIL #36: 'Watch out for that tree!'

WIN or FAIL #36: 'Watch out for that tree!'
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Songs in order:
0:08 Ndy Ft. Kodie - In Shape
0:47 Rumble in the jungle 6 - Jan Chmelar
1:18 WHAT - Axel Ljung
1:39 Strait Laced - All about that cake (Blow Me)
2:24 Champagne - Jan Chmelar / ES_Bronx Back In 95 2 - Jan Chmelar
2:44 Concrete Jungle 10 - Jan Chmelar
3:05 Gerald Milton - Everything
3:31 Secure The Beat 4 - Andreas Jamsheree
4:08 Brookside - Netzy

Outro song:

Video descriptions in order:
0:06 Guy pranks girl, girl hits guy in the nuts
0:24 Woman drives into man on segway
0:45 Guy throws water balloon at table with people
1:06 Kid falls into puddle
1:12 Weird hat/condom trick
1:32 Cat vs mouse, mouse wins
2:06 Couple go downhill in shopping kart
2:23 Man recovers smooth from almost falling while ice skating
2:41 Boy tricks mum trying to do pool trick
2:58 Guy chops bit off tree, tree stands up again
3:18 Man with guitar falls of tight rope
3:30 Boy launches brother off inflatable object
3:51 Father shoots party popper the wrong way
4:00 Man escapes from pond with ice

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