Thug Life - Animal Thugs Stealing

Thug Life - Animal Thugs Stealing
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Songs in order:
ES_Big Plans 1 - Jan Chmelar
ES_Champagne - Jan Chmelar
Ever Felt pt 2 - Otis McDonald
ES_Take A Ride - Andreas Jamsheree
Behind Closed Doors - Otis McDonald
epidemic - It's A Gangster Party 1 - Jan Chmelar
ES_Champagne - Jan Chmelar
Ndy Ft. kodie - In Shape

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Video descriptions in order:
Bird stealing little boys fish
Rabbit stealing food from friend
Squirrel stealing food out of little boys mouth
Camel stealing cup of food from zoo visitor
Seagull stealing fish from girl trying to feed dolphin
Your food bowl is not safe with this dog around
Zebra stealing bag of food out of car
Horse gives back stolen shoe
Monkey stealing cup from boy
Dog stealing christmas decoration
Horse stealing girls cap
Squirrel stealing bag of chips out of store
Cat stealing money from owner
Bear stealing object out of garden, running away funny

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